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  • Natural Hair Care - Organic Castor Oil

    Hey Guys, 

    The winter can be so brutal on our hair so here is what I like to use to try and keep my hair, soft and moisturized. 

    Pure Organic, Cold Pressed Castor Oil

    Properties of Castor Oil for the hair:

    1. Improves Scalp Circulation - which can stimulate hair growth.
    2. Prevents Hair Loss - Castor Oil has anti fungal and antibacterial properties which are helpful in combatting scalp infections that lead to hair loss.
    3. Adds Shine - Castor Oil coats the hair shaft, which seals in moisture and gives a silkier, shiny surface :-)
    4. Moisturising hair - The Omega 6 fatty acids found in Castor Oil can help stop the scalp from drying out, and with regular use it encourages thicker hair growth.
    5. Stops Split Ends - The Vitamin E, Omega 6 fatty acids, proteins and other essential nutrients found in Castor Oil make it amazing for those prone to split ends, as it smooths rough cuticles and helps the hair shaft retain moisture.


    How to use Castor Oil on the hair:

    1. Coat hair in Castor Oil and cover hair with a plastic cap, leave on over night and shampoo and condition in the morning.
    2. Apply a small amount of Castor Oil to the ends of the hair, style as usual.
    3. Add Castor Oil to your hair spritz with other oils such as Olive oil, Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, (or whatever your fave oil is)
    4. Add Castor Oil to your deep conditioner for an extra moisturising boost.

    I loooove Castor Oil, I bought the Organic, Cold Pressed kind on Amazon from a company called Naissance. And I mainly use it every other day on the ends of my hair before bed...so when I take my satin scarf off in the morning my ends feel super soft and conditioned :-)

    Hope you found this post helpful...

    Until next time you can follow me on Twitter @BeautyBlogger_x and on Instagram @BeautyBlogger_xo 


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  • Moisture, Moisture, Moisture!!!

    Hi guys so I find in the winter my hair becomes really really dry! So I had to figure a way out to keep my hair moisturized and protected from the elements!

     In no way am I saying this will work for everybody, but this is just some of my top 5 tips that I have been using to keep my hair super moisturised during the Winter months!! 




    1.   Finding the right products that works best for you is very important hence why it’s NUMBER 1 on my list.

    2.   Spritzing my hair everyday with my water and conditioner mix, then sealing with an oil.

    3.   Bagging Method ( which is where you work your fav moisturizer through your hair and wrap with a plastic bag, plastic cap etc) this worked wonders for my hair, the next morning my hair would feel super soft and moisturized!

    4.   I co-washed more than I would normally (every week), so about every 2-3 days instead!

    5.   The L.O.C (leave in, oil to seal, and cream to style/double seal) I’ve never really been a fan of the L.O.C method as I thought it was too much product on my hair and weighing my hair down, but over the winter months I have found this to work wonders on my hair in keeping moisture locked in.!


    So there are my top 5 hair secrets to keeping my hair moisturized in the winter! Hope this helps :-)

    xoxo Khira 

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  • Is it Just Hair?


    Recently on twitter there has been a debate about race and braids! Is hair defined by race? Or can anyone of any race do any hairstyle?
    Well yes we think that hair is defined by race however we don’t believe there should be barriers limiting us.
    As black women growing up in a westernised environment we have been “programmed” to embrace westernised ideals of hairstyles. To do hairstyles such as straight weaves and use harsh chemicals like perms, but believe it to be wrong when white women embrace Afro Caribbean culture with their hair. Not to say all women of culture think this, but recent racial tension over hairstyles has caused us to think is it just hair?! What do you think is it just hair or is there more to it?!

    Nana :-)
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  • Introduction

    You may be wondering why Khirana is referred too as “We”, "Our" everything besides "I" .... you’ve probably guessed it, but there’s 2 of us! :-)
    My name is Khiri, I'm 20-something years old, born and raised in the heart of London. I love live life and everything in it and consider myself to be a “cup half full” kind of girl.   I’ve always been natural but my hair was never taken care properly, and I now know that my mother like many other afro textured mothers was also at a loss just like previous generations. Stuck on the notion of washing your hair every month, and greasing your scalp till it was shining …. with vaseline and oh boy I cant forget the hot combs, the old school ones where the comb would be placed on the fire! Let me tell you I got burned on multiple occasions, but who cared because as they would say in my culture “yanga na pain” as long as my hair looked good I didn’t care. Luckily for me my mum never relaxed my hair, but by the time I was old enough to do what I wanted with my hair, I was still at a loss and had no idea what to and in order to fit in with my high school friends I retorted to straighteners, tight weaves and braids left in way too long, on top of sticking to the petroleum infested grease and also introduced gel (the one that left brown flakes when it dried) and yes I thought I was cute. Anyway to cut a long story short my hair thinned out over the hairs and by 2009 I realized that my hair was losing length as well and balding I hated my natural hair. Hiding it at every cost possible and further retorted to lace wigs which then included to my list of hair problems, a receding hair line, my edges were thinning. I lost all confidence and as a teenager going through puberty I wouldn’t go out at all without makeup and my lace wig tightly glued to my scalp. By 2011 I was tired of all this and I needed to do something about this, I discovered the natural hair community… and 3 years later here we are! Why now I feel like I’m finally at the stage with where I am more confident and happy with my self, and after going through similar circumstances felt like we should share our experiences and continued experiences with you.
    - xx Khira xx

    My name is Nana and I'm 20. I'm currently a student at Uni, in my third year studying Psychology. I first went natural in 2012. I was fed up with my hair (I was a "creamy crack" addict) and I think my hair was fed up too! I wanted something new, I went ahead and done a whole lot of research - watched YouTube videos, read blogs, the works! & finally decided to do the BIG CHOP! Scariest thing ever but these last two years have been an insightful adventure. I tried to copy every new hair regime that I saw on YouTube and tried every new hair product. Before I knew it I had been swamped in this natural bubble trying to copy everything out there! 
    Obviously some worked amazingly, but half the time just wasn't working for my hair in particular. It just goes to show becoming natural isn't as easy as some may think, especially previously being a perm addict. What works best for me is doing what’s right for my hair and its as simple as that. I've never wanted my natural hair waist-length - that is too much work! Who's detangling that!? But as every day goes and my hair grows a bit more I'm content for now. Along with my cousin I also hope to share my journey, experiences  and everything inbetween with you!
    - Nana :)



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  • Lil Wayne and Bird Man feud.


    LIL Wayne and Bird man are currently  feuding over 8 million!!

    According to reports at TMZ ,Lil Wayne is threatening the Cash Money label owner with a lawsuit claiming he is owed $8 million. The two hip hop royals who were like father and son ,aren't on speaking terms and their beef continues to roast . Lil Wayne wants the court  to allow him to break free from his Cash Money Records contract claiming Baby violated the terms of his deal by withholding the release of Tha Carter V.

    Lil Wayne claim birdman owes him 8 million dollars  in advance and he's  very disappointed with the delay of his Album that  was due to release  Oct. 28th ,however Despite all the drama, Young Money president Mack Maine insist  Tha Carter V will drop in the next few months. . Lil Wayne has been associated with Cash Money Records since the early '90s,and is also the head of  His own label, Young money Entertainment .

    The Beef flamed even more as Lil Wayne released his new mixtape Sorry for  the wait 2 throwing shots at bird man ,in his lyrics saying "I don't want no problems I just want my money ,birdman jr more like ugly duckling .Will there be roast duck on the menue next ? will Lil Wayne break free from Cash Money Records ?

    Either way I'm certain Lil Wayne will continue to make hits after hits.

    Sorry for the wait 2 mixtape is out now and loud.  



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